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Steps for developers. Leaps for organisations.

Seamless Migration from BizTalk

The year 2028 may appear distant, but in the fast-paced world of IT, it's right around the corner. 2028 marks the year that Microsoft will put an end to BizTalk, and the promise of an extended (and expensive) support for a further two years leaves CIOs with little choice; it’s time to migrate. For visionaries who seek an IT environment that elevates their team's focus on value creation, the time to embrace change is now.

Ease of transition from BizTalk to Frends iPaaS

Transitioning from BizTalk to Frends iPaaS is more than a procedural step for developers; it's a strategic leap for your entire organization. We are ready to help you navigate through this inevitable transition, ensuring that you're not merely future-ready, but also actively crafting the future.

Make the seamless switch from BizTalk to Frends iPaaS without missing a beat. We guarantee a transition so intuitive and straightforward, your developers will feel they're simply stepping into the next room, while your organisation makes a significant leap forward. For the CIO, this means a shift that dovetails with strategic business objectives. This transformative step goes beyond streamlining the integration processes; it empowers the CIO with a visionary stance, fostering innovation and securing your organization’s agility. 

Embrace the change with confidence and the assurance of minimal disruption. With Frends' intuitive low-code environment, adoption is simpler, project timelines are shorter, and transformation feels like natural progression, not upheaval. For the CIO, the switch will instill a renewed sense of empowerment by leading an enterprise that's ready for the future and actively defining it.

Numbers that speak volumes

biztalk image


Faster Development time


Savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Less Manual Work for code maintenance

Cloud? Hybrid? The choice is yours

Frends' cloud-based integration platform as a service is built on the Microsoft stack and offers a seamless migration for BizTalk. Our solution builds on your existing investment in the Microsoft Ecosystem whilst introducing new capabilities essential for modern businesses. We support those who wish to gain the benefits of cloud-only solutions, and we're especially proud to offer best IT-experience for those in need of a stable, intuitive hybrid solution for their integration platform needs.

With Frends, you can enjoy enhanced performance, increased scalability, and improved security, all while maintaining familiarity with the Microsoft environment. While we are specialists when it comes to the Microsoft Ecosystem, we know that the world of tech has a lot to offer. That's why we partner with multiple vendors, giving you the freedom to choose the tools and services that best meet your needs.

  • Keep your existing Microsoft strategy
  • Save time and resources
  • Become more agile

See what people are saying

"In comparison to our previous integration platform, Frends impressively reduces development time by a staggering 50%".

- Toni Koski, IT Director at Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy

"Switching from BizTalk to Frends was a game-changer for us. It fits perfectly into our Microsoft setup and the transition was very smooth. The user-friendly interface and low-code approach have sped up our projects, cut costs and given us better control. We're very happy with our choice".

- Petri Luurila, CIO at Nurminen Logistics

"Going from Biztalk to Frends was a big step up for us. Frends is easy to use, easy to learn and scales really well. The vendor is extremely helpful, and we have not yet met any integrations that cannot be solved in Frends. The biggest downside of using Frends is that you wish that all other software would be as useful and user friendly".

- Alexander, System & Business Process Manager

Act now, thrive tomorrow

By acting now, you ensure continuous innovation, avoid the last-minute rush, and skip the harrowing fees for continued support. It's time to set the pace rather than scrambling to catch up - tomorrow's success begins with today's decisions.


Start Your Migration Journey with Frends


 Step 1:

Schedule a Discovery Call 

Step 2:

Migration Planning Session

Step 3:

Leverage the BizTalk Migration Toolkit


Step 4:

Structured Migration Process 

Step 5:

Testing and Production Deployment 

Step 6:

Complete BizTalk Sunset

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